Summer School Ableton

Summer school



Price: 746

start: July 16 2018

schedule: 6 days

type: group

level: beginner

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Course Music Production in Ableton Live - 2in1
Learn Push and Ableton Live in one course!

Available dates:
16th July 2018 - 21st July 2018

Course duration:
6 days

Monday - Saturday
11 am - 4 pm with break for lunch 

Beginner - Intermediate

24 lessons with expert instructor.
12 training sessions in Musartedo school.
Total 36 lessons. 

Course overview:

Intensive Summer Music Course in DAW Ableton Live includes all areas of musical production - from musical theory, arrangement of composition and sound design to mixing and mastering of the resulting track. For a detailed program of the course, see the Ableton Live Summer School link below.

10% discount for full payment before 30th May 2018!
Only 14 EUR for lesson.


  • 24 lessons with a professional instructor at the school Musartedo
  • 12 training sessions in Musartedo.
  • Work on the controllers Komplete or Push
  • Work on the computer Apple iMac and DAW Ableton Live Suite
  • Access to recording training studio
  • Access to sound libraries: Komplete 10, Ableton Live Suite, Maschine etc.


Sign up for a course through our site. Choose a date that suits you and the type of course. Payment can be made by credit card, bank transfer compared to the invoice or in cash at the school Musartedo.

For long-term courses, which last more than two months, we offer monthly payments!

After the tuition payment you will receive a contract and a possibility of using the training center of Musartedo school.

To learn more about studying at Musartedo school read The course agreement terms and conditions and Complaint procedure that can be found in Support menu.