The Individual Education Informations

Individual Courses



Price: 0

type: individual

level: all levels

Payment Options


Duration: Individual plan

Timetable: regular, the schedule will be determined on the basis of consultation

Level: all levels, from beginner to advanced

Price for Monday - Friday is CZK 950 per hour.
Price on Saturday is CZK 1050 Kč per hour.

Content of the educational program:

The school provides students with the opportunity of Musartedo individual education. The program is determined on the basis of an interview with the instructor or the director of the school, during which the level of student knowledge is established as well as student specific requirements for individual study.

Currently, the Musartedo school offers the possibility of individual education in the following fields:

Music production - Logic Pro X, Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Sibelius
DJing - Serato, Traktor, education on Pioneer setup DJM 900 NXS, CDJ 900 NXS a PLX-1000
Recording, mixing and mastering
Controllers - Maschine and Traktor including software
School of keyboard playing and improvisation
Music theory
Orchestration with Vienna Symphonic Library

Consultation registration realise via a registration form, phone or email. Consultation is free and without obligation. In case of registration via form or email, be sure to include your phone number. An employee of the study department will get in touch with you to arrange your consultation ASAP according to your possibilities.