Logic Pro Level 2

Music Production



Price: 821

start: October 5 2018

duration: 4 months

schedule: 2 lessons / week

type: group

level: beginner

Payment Options


Available terms:
5th October 2018

Course duration:
 4 months

Every Friday 5.30 - 7.30 pm

Level: Advanced

32 hours with expert instructor.
32 training hours in Musartedo school
Possibility of monthly payment.

Instructors: Pavel Kalina, Francesco Oliveto, Risto Sokolovski

Course overview:

This course is designed primarily for graduates of the courses Logic Pro of the Musartedo school. Students who didn’t attend these courses, but still want to start studying in the advanced level, are required to write an email to ask for a personal consultation with the school director Pavel Kalina. Without this consultation the course participation is not possible. Students will build on knowledge already gained in the previous course, to further develop their theoretical knowledge in mixing, mastering and music theory, advanced work with audio and DAW software. The exact course programm will be determined based on the results of students attending Level 1 course.

10% discount for the full payment.
10% off for the students who attend Level 1 course
236 Kč per lesson
Monthly payment 4 262,- Kč


  • 32 hours with a professional instructor at the school Musartedo
  • 32 training hours in Musartedo.
  • Feedback to homework within 24 hours
  • Work on the controllers Komplete S25 or Maschine
  • Work on the computer Apple iMac and DAW Logic Pro
  • Access to recording training studio
  • Access to sound libraries: Komplete 10, Logic Pro, Maschine etc.
  • Work on SW iZotope, FabFilter, SampleLogic, Output, Komplete Ultimate, VSL etc.


Sign up for a course through our site. Choose a date that suits you and the type of course. Payment can be made by credit card, bank transfer compared to the invoice or in cash at the school Musartedo.

For long-term courses, which last more than two months, we offer monthly payments!

After the tuition payment you will receive a contract and a possibility of using the training center of Musartedo school.

To learn more about studying at Musartedo school read The course agreement terms and conditions and Complaint procedure that can be found in Support menu.