Study conditions

1. Contracting parties

This Course agreement terms and conditions („Agreement“) is between Musartedo school represented by its owner and director Pavel Kalina, IN 48088196, VATIN CZ6110070395, with its trading adress at Žitavského 521, Praha 5 156 00, Česká republika („Musartedo school”) and you (“you” or the “Student”).
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2. Definition of terms

Educational programs in school Musartedo are defined as one or more educational modules (“Educational Modules”) bought as a part of an educational program (“Educational program”). Educational modules are consisted of one or more courses (“Course” or “Courses”). The beginning date of Educational modules can be found in The learning agreement that Student will receive after the payment of the Educational program.

3. General conditions

By applying, registering and paying for Educational program you confirm that before signing a contract with the Musartedo school you read this Agreement carefully and you are completely agree with its actual version while registering or paying for Educational program (in full or partly).

The student is aware that by paying for courses, tutorials, webinars, workshops, video tutorials and other products that Musartedo school offers, gives no rights to use registered trademarks, trade names, company logos, etc. of Musartedo school or Musartedo´s contract partners, unless otherwise agreed.

All teaching materials as e-books, video tutorials, samples, etc. are the property of Musartedo school. Student is aware that by paying for courses, tutorials, webinars, workshops and other Musartedo´s products gives rights to use and apply these learning materials only for individual training needs. It is prohibited to share, trade, use for commercial or non-commercial purposes and manipulate Musartedo´s teaching materials.

On the email address used during the registration Student will receive Agreement as an integral part of The learning agreement along with the confirmation of the purchased Educational program with the invoice. The condition of study at the School Musartedo is payment of course fees, agreement to the Course Terms and Conditions and signing The learning agreement.

If Student is under 18, The learning agreement should be signed by his legal representative.

4. The learning agreement

After paying and registration Student signs The learning agreement with the Musartedo school. The learning agreement contains Study Terms and Conditions, schedule of Educational program and some Educational modules and payment plan if required.

5. Payment terms

Full payment for the Educational program must be received at least fourteen (14) days before the beginning of the Educational program Student is enrolled and registered to. In case of training programs paid according to a payment plan, each installment must be paid by the date specified in The learning agreement. Installments must be paid due to the following provisions set out below.

6. Payment plan and method of installment payments.

Installments payments according to a payment plan should be made due to the following principles. While registration to the course Student chooses a payment plan (quarterly or monthly). After the first installment that is to be paid during the registration Student will receive an invoice for made payment and The learning agreement with the terms of further installments. By signing The learning agreement Student agrees to keep to the payment plan and pay each installment not later than date written in The learning agreement.   If the installment payments are not received on the due dates Musartedo school withdraw from the contract. In this case all made installments are non-refundable. The installments can be paid by bank transfer or via a secure payment system on Musartedo school‘s website.

7. Payment methods

Musartedo school accepts the following forms of payment:

A) by MasterCard or Visa via online payment portal
B) by bank transfer
C) through Paypal

8. Location of courses

Musartedo school provides online education combined with workshops in Musartedo Training Center and music studios which are contractual partners of Musartedo school. Musartedo training center is located in Prague at Zbraslav, music studios are also in Prague (see „Our Partners“). By signing The learning agreement Student takes this fact into account, as well as the obligation to follow the agreed terms of study in individual training facilities.

Study in learning spaces is governed by the following rules.

A) Access to Musartedo school learning spaces

Musartedo training center and Musartedo partner music studio (“Learning spaces”) are available for students after registration and payment of course fees as determined by learning conditions of corresponding Educational program and The learning agreement. In case of individual study Student is obliged to arrange an approach to Learning spaces in advance with his instructor, in case of group classes Student is obliged to follow Musartedo school timetable that will be in advance published on the website (at least two months) or group classes plan for Students in corresponding fields that will be sent by email.

B) Damages policies

The Student is responsible for damage, loss or theft of any equipment or property of Learning spaces as a direct or indirect result of his own actions. Students are also responsible for the acts and omissions of any guests or colleagues whom they invite to Learning spaces with a purpose of music creation.

C) Damage billing

If any equipment or property in Learning spaces was damaged, lost or stolen as a direct or indirect result of Student’s negligence (see 8B) Student undertakes the costs in full range for repairing or purchasing of new equipment and property. School Musartedo reserves the right to exclude the Student who caused the damage in Learning spaces by his actions (see 8B) from the course with no money refund.

9. Withdrawal policies

Students who wish to prematurely withdraw from Musartedo school for personal or other reasons must send to Musartedo school written notice of study termination. It should be sent in writing through registered mail so that Musartedo school could receive it within 30 calendar days before withdrawal. Within 60 days upon receiving notification of study termination Musartedo refund Student the amount for Educational modules and Courses that Student will not attend after withdrawal. If Student received from Musartedo software, hardware, or any other gift of the material, intellectual or financial nature, as well as discounts on software, hardware, training, etc. („Gifts“) as part of bonus, marketing and other events, Musartedo has the right to substract from the rest of amount the value that is less or equal to Gifts already in possession of the student. By premature withdrawal Student denies the possibility of receiving a graduate certificate in a appropriate field at Musartedo school.

10. Deferring studies

Upon individual agreement with the Musartedo school Student may apply for Educational program deferment in whole or partly. Deferment of the whole Educational program or its part must be agreed by both parties, Student or his legal representative and Musartedo school. In such case Student is not entitled to any refund. If Student is about to continue deferred study he is obliged to notify Musartedo 30 days before resumption.

11. Late payments

If monthly or quarterly installment payments are not received on the due dates appropriate Educational module may be canceled or deferred without entitlement to compensation. In case of repeated late payments Musartedo school reserves the right to suspend your access to the course without refund.

12. Student code of conduct

School Musartedo reserves the right to exclude Student from any course if his behavior or attitude is unacceptable. Musartedo reserves the right to exclude from the course any Student who fails to act in a professional or non-disruptive manner. In such cases Student is not entitled to any refund.

13. Intellectual property

All intellectual property rights in Musartedo courses and course materials, including without limitation designs, copyrights, database rights, trademarks, patents, application to register any of the aforementioned rights, trade secrets and/or know how, are and shall remain the exclusive property of Musartedo.   You may not reproduce, copy, disseminate, broadcast, or otherwise use any intellectual property owned or controlled by Musartedo, including any intellectual property contained in any course materials or trademarks used by Musartedo. Otherwise it shall constitute copyright infringement and a breach of this Agreement.

14. Change of timetable, Educational programs, Educational modules and Courses

Musartedo may change the date, time, price and content of Educational programs, Educational modules or Courses without notice. This paragraph does not apply to any Students who have already enrolled in some Educational program, who are registered as school Students and who have signed The learning agreement.

15. Special Needs

Student should inform Musartedo about his certain physical or health requests in a timely manner at least 30 days before the beginning of the Course, so that Musartedo is able to provide reasonable conditions.

16. Limitation of liability

Musartedo bears no liability for Students during the study and outside the classroom. The school accepts no responsibility for loss or theft of Student‘s personal belongings and excludes liability for death or personal injury. Musartedo is not liable for any loss or termination resulting from or arising in connection with any visa status or other reason related to stay in the Czech Republic.

Takes no responsibility for the quality of services or products provided or offered by third party advertisers and/or vendors. Inclusion in the course materials or presence during a course is not a recommendation or endorsement by Musartedo school.

17. Other limitations of liability

Musartedo reserves the right to:

A) change mentioned instructors anytime

B) cancel courses at any time and to transfer bookings to rescheduled dates. Students unable to attend rescheduled dates may be entitled to some refund such as money refund, enrollment to another course or other agreed compensation.

C) change course materials without notice and reject any request or demand for reservation course without giving a reason.

18. Final Provisions

Any relations and disputes arising on the basis of The learning agreement shall be resolved entirely by the law and the competent courts of the Czech Republic.

The Agreement may be concluded in Czech, English or Russian language. In case of any dispute concerning the interpretation of terms, the interpretation in Czech language is valid.

These Course agreement terms and conditions at Musartedo school including their components are valid and effective from August 1, 2015 and are available electronically on