Musartedo School - Music Production & DJing

Musartedo is a school dedicated to long-term and short-term courses in music production and DJing.

While learning, our students can use professional school equipment, two recording and post-production studios and a large number of professional software and hardware. Each course contains enough training hours that students can use as best suited to their time options.

Music and DJ education at the Musartedo School meets international standards. Each student has an Apple iMac computer, a Push 2 controller, or a NI S25 keyboard during lessons. As a result, school-based education is conducted in the hands-on mode, meaning that students will practically test the subject matter under the supervision of a expert instructor during the course lessons. 

Our Courses


Risto Sokolovski

Sound Engineer
Ableton / Cubase / Maschine

Pavel Kalina

Logic ProX / Music theory

DJ Subgate

DJ Instructor
Turntables / CDJs / Serato / Traktor

Francesco Oliveto

Producer / Logic ProX / Pro Tools / Ableton

All Instructors

How do I become a student of Musartedo school?

It's simple. Just sign up for any of our courses. You will get the opportunity to attend a school training center and a recording studio, as you will have the option to purchase production hardware and software at competitive prices. Choose your course, register yourself by using the registration form (here) and we will send you the contract and a confirmation about your study. Remember to choose how you want to pay tuition. We offer the option of monthly payments and the opportunity to pay course at once with a 5% discount.

Every our course has only 5 places. Register yourself in time because the capacity of our classroom is limited.

FREE training sessions for the students of Musartedo


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156 00 Praha 5, Česká republika
+420 702 119 720

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